Easter in the City

Whether it's brunch you love on Easter Sunday or heading out to enjoy some of the great festivities Vancouver has to offer, Easter is a wonderful time in British Columbia.


This year, Easter weekend falls in March.  If you're like us, this means you can enjoy a Cadbury cream egg that much sooner!


Here's a little list we've put together of things you can do in Vancouver on Easter:


1. Heading out to the Flying Pig Olympic Village for some brunch, lunch or even dinner.

2. Ride Fly Over Canada with the Easter Bunny

3. Go for a walk through Van Dusen gardens and enjoy their Easter themed set up. (They have an easter hunt set up too!)

4. Decorate easter eggs with people you love

5. Easter tea at London Heritage Farm in Richmond

6. Enjoy a good glass of wine on a patio. (the weather is supposed to be nice!)

7. Soak up a Vancouver long weekend!


What are you planning to do for Easter?

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