Is Your Patio Summer Ready? FT. 2 Murphy Timmis Clients with Amazing Patios

The arrival of summer may have been long overdue but now that it is here, your patio will essentially become the venue for numerous get togethers and family gatherings. Hosting barbeques and parties is one of the best things to do in summer, right?


Now the questions is, is your patio summer ready?

We asked two of our amazing clients to showcase their beautifully designed patios while also helping you prep your patio for the rest of summer. Here are a few takeaways:


No patio is complete without comfortable lounging chairs just like in Shelley Jaffe’s garden patio.

(Shelley Jaffe’s Garden Patio)

When you have family and friends over, you want them to be truly comfortable during their stay. Choose chairs that are designed for lounging and comfort. Also, consider the material used in these chairs. Opt for lightweight materials, especially if you like re-arranging this space.


Some condos, especially in Vancouver, may be lacking in space but there is one aspect that they can completely beat the competition: the spectacular views in their balcony. Can you believe this incredible view of BC Place from Judy May’s balcony (picture below) ? Imagine entertaining your guests in this outdoor space? Even having coffee here in the morning would be a treat!

(Judy May’s Olympic Village Condo Patio)


Designing your outdoor space can be a challenge but one of the things that can really brighten a space up, either indoor or outdoor is by using bold-coloured accent pieces like the throw pillows and side tables in Judy May’s outdoor space.

(Judy May’s Outdoor Space)


Impress your guests with well-maintained and regularly trimmed plants. It’s such a no-brainer, right? Simply, trim overgrown shrubs, remove dried leaves and water the plants. Voila! Tip: If you’re not a garden-kind of person, choose low-maintenance flowers and plants. They won’t require that much of an upkeep and they will last all summer without spending too much time maintaining them.

(Shelley Jaffe’s Garden Patio)

I feel absolutely privileged to be a part of helping my clients find these inspiring spaces so they could create these amazing patios!

Are you ready to spruce up your patio? Need some assistance? Let us help you in finding and even building your dream home. Contact us TODAY!

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