Moving With Pets

So you've decided to purchase a new home and you're just firming up the details.  Getting your family situated into a new neighbourhood is a fun and exciting adventure!  But getting settled into your new home might not be as exciting for every member of your family.  Here are some ways to get your pets acclimated to their new home.


1. Give them space.  A good way to get your pets used to their new home is go choose a room within the house that's safe, and easy for them to begin adjusting.  Put their favourite bed, toys and food and water in this space.  Give them time - it's ok if they just hide out for a few days.


2. Be Move In Ready Sometimes the distress of having everything unwrapped and boxes everywhere can add to the stress your pet is already feeling from moving to a new space. Have your dog or cat go and stay with a family friend until you're moved in and ready to have your pet come home.


3. Find services in the area.  Look for a new vet, dog walking route, groomer and daycare close to your new home.  If anything should happen, you're going to know where you need to take your pets in the event of an emergency, or just for regular care.


4. Set aside a lot of time for love.  The most consistent thing in your pets life is you!  Make sure you give them lots of time to let them know you're there for them and you aren't leaving them in a new place all alone. 


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