Outdoor Overhaul

The sun is shining and you know what that means!  Time to get outside!  Unfortunately on the West Coast, after a long, wet winter, our ourdoor spaces can look a little bit run down.  Time to revitalize and refresh!  We've put together some excellent outdoor essentials that every space and every person can enjoy, as well as some 'first things firsts' to get you started on your outdoor awesomeness.


1.  Pressure's on!  Grab a pressure washer from Home Depot (or if you're lucky enough to have one) for four hours for $25 and give your outside deck space, patio or stoop a good cleaning.  This gets off the algae, dirt and freshens up the surfaces.  


2.  Look at your patio furniture. Does anything need painting or repair?  Colourful cushions are also an easy way to refresh tired, but functional chairs.


3. Greenery, flowers and plants are such a nice touch to any outdoor space.  It's a great time to think dual purpose.  If you are limited to a balcony space, things like tomatoes and strawberries are easy to grow in a container or planter, look nice and bonus, give you fruits and veggies!  Low maintenance plants are awesome, especially ones that grow back year after year.   Ask your local plant centre to suggest a great variety.


Clockwise from top:  Nautical Throw Pillows add a fun touch.  A fabric umbrella adds shade when you need it.  An adorable weathervane adds a little style to your space.  For bigger spaces, an outdoor firepit is a great piece for entertaining.  A classic chair, that could be pulled inside during the winter months.  


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