Paint Colors That Sell


We know that when it comes to choosing paint colors for your home, it’s a tough decision. You want to express your style, your taste - you want to let your creativity shine. That’s all great... except for when it comes time to sell. You just have to face it; some buyers may not have your taste for creativity. Well, if you are planning to sell, the results from a leading paint color analysis* might have you thinking about a new paint job. Here are a few popular colors you could try.

Front Door: Navy Blue

Creating a good first impression goes a long way when you’re selling. It can make or break a sale! Having an attractive front door can make a lasting impression. Navy blue is a timeless color that goes well with most exterior paint colors. The report says that navy doors sold for $1,500 more than other hues on the market.

Living Room: Warm Browns

If you have loud colors in your living space, you might want to rethink to a warmer, softer brown color. It’s inviting; much like the kitchen, you want buyers to feel comfortable in your home, or their future home. According to the analysis, homes with a brown living room sold for $1,900 more than expected.


Kitchen: Gray-Blue

Kitchens are the centerpiece of your home. When selling, you’ll want it to appear inviting and comfortable. Gray-blues are a nice, inviting, and neutral color for a kitchen.

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