Super Easy Weekend Renos

Think doing a reno in 48 hours sounds crazy?  It doesn't have to be!  Here are 5 aweome renos that will freshen up your home and make you feel really accomplished at the end of the weekend!


1.  Change the fixtures in your bathroom.

This can do so many amazing things for the room we do spend a lot of time in.  It's also relatively inexpensive.  You can take it as far as changing the faucet, to changing knobs and hardware on cabinets. Even getting new towels and a soap dispenser can go a long way.  Don't forget a big one - the shower curtain can change the entire mood of the room!


2.  Cleaning up your entry way

This is something that is really easy, but make big strides in making a change in your home.  Here are some things you can try:

  • Painting your front door and door frame.  Nothing fancy, but a fresh coat can go a long way.
  • Getting a new door mat
  • Adding a potted plant 
  • On the interior, add a new coat rack, shoe cabinet or bench. 
  • Add some of your favourite images to your entry way to give it a little personality

3. Organizing your kitchen

There are so many kitchen organization hacks on Pinterest.  Some of our favourite ideas:

  • Adding a document holder to the inside of a cabinet door to hold cutting boards.
  • Adding a shower rod under your sink for rolls of garbage bags, hanging spray bottles, etc.
  • Add organizers into your drawers to make it easy to organize small items.

To find out more on kitchen tips, check out: 


Have you tackled any renos over the weekend?  We'd love to hear about it!

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